Our clients and partners consider us to be more than just a consulting firm.
We establish and nurture solid relationships so that every demand and solution is a synergistic success, while also guaranteeing future business and consumer advantages.

We are delighted to be the Digital Solution Partner with prestigious organizations around the globe.

Our Associates

Paarva Creations is a dominant creative designer team associating with LabGex for the couple of years.

We are delighted to be the as a Digital Solution Partner with Paarva.

Gadgeon provides end-to-end IoT solution development services from edge devices/sensors, cloud, and mobile/web applications.

LabGex is happy to be part to develop the Content Management System to manage the official website of the company.

CybPress is a renowned management and technology consulting firm that offers customers digital advice.

As a technical solution provider, LabGex relishes the opportunity to assist CybPress in achieving their objectives through technology and stack assistance.

Companies We Serve

Alif School of Dual Education is one such initiative that works to develop strong ethical leadership with the integration of Islamic and modern education.

Our SKOOLZO ensures Alif schools’ digital presence in all the ways from website to resource management.

Vinayaka Nets is one of the top and best for fixing aluminum mosquito net in Trivandrum.

Our Web Development experts supports Vinakayanets to increase the audience by enhancing their services digitally. We at LabGex helps our partners to setup a fully managed content management system along with digital marketing tools.

BSS Gurukulam is a pioneer higher secondary school in Kerala, India. Who subscribed to LabGex‘s prominent schools management solution SKOOLZO.

Our custom build Content Management System and Advanced CRM integrated with SKOOLZO helps BSS to seamless effort from Admission to Alumni process of the students.

SCHOLAB is a home for all your overseas educational needs and is the best sought-after platform for all aspirants aiming to build a robust and lustrous career.

Our ZODOCS ensure a seamless process of the student applications from data collection to admission. ZODOCS also helps Scholab to manage staffs, Agents and more. The students can track their current status by the ZODOCS Mobile App.

The Kerala Co-operative Development and welfare fund Board is established for implementing Co-operative welfare and development scheme as per section 57A of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act 1969.

We used the the WORDPRESS Content Management System to create the official website for Kerala Co-operative Development and welfare fund Board. The content can be managed dynamically without any coding knowledge.

HKM college of Educations is an institution of higher learning, especially one providing a general or liberal arts education rather than technical or professional training.

LabGex is happy to be the official digital partner with HKM College of Education for  digital transformations by integrating our custom Content Management System